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Posted on Oct 15 2012 - 7:40am by Editorial Staff

Running a business isn’t a cake walk but maintaining it at par excellence is what the whole business world seeking. Business can be of any type, Restaurant & Bar, Hotel & Travel, Medical, Home Contractor, Automotive or say Legal Service, all what each of it require is a regular feedback so as to cater its end users (consumers and/or customers), the best services.

But have you ever wondered that the reviews will not be positive also, there are plenty of chances that it will be negative too and even thinking the farthest, unresolved too. The review will not be always from your customers but instead from disgruntled employee, a personal attach or even your business rival also.

Well, recently came across a website name Review Alert, at first I will definitely say you will love it, as a business it will help you make aware on what people are writing about you. But how the site going to help you, the things you need to think over here that not knowing about negative reviews can be determined to a company as the issues stay unresolved, while your customers go to your competition.

Review Alert will watch for every moment about your company and notify you of the reviews your company received on a daily basis so that you are aware in better way and you can respond back to a negative review in order to let the issue resolved quickly. Even more, the service is not only limited to negative review but whether you have received a positive or a negative review, you will get an email with a link to the website where the review was placed making you aware and protect your public image by countering any reviews that are negative, untrue or even libelous.

Isn’t it’s great. Well, best is to give the service a chance, I am sure you will love it.

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