Revealed: Top Ways To Manage An Office Block Using Technology

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As the owner of an office block, you will doubtless be aware that managing your property is sometimes a mammoth task. When everything runs smooth, you can focus on other things like getting tenants for empty offices or floors.

But, what happens if things do start to go wrong? You will often find yourself pressed for time because you have to keep finding solutions to problems!

Did you know that technology is your friend when it comes to office block management? It’s a handy tool you can use and depend on to make taking care of things an easier task! Here are a few examples of how you can use modern tech:

Access Control

Office blocks are busy buildings. At any one time, you can have hundreds, if not thousands of people going in and out of them all day long! Apart from the people that work there, they also see visitors, contractors and other folks going to them each day.

It’s no secret that we live in cautious times. As an office block owner, you have a duty to ensure the safety and security of the people that work and use your property each day.

The sad truth is you often hear stories of how people up to no good gain unauthorized entry into offices. You need to lower the risk of anything bad happening to your office and the people working within it. That’s why you need to consider the best access control systems for it.

As the term suggests, access control is a way of limiting who goes in and out of your office block. That means the people working in your building’s reception area have the power to stop anything bad from happening. Examples include preventing terrorist activity by raising the alarm.

Examples of access control include:

  • Smart card access control systems;
  • Biometric scanners; and
  • Electronic turnstiles.

Parking Control

Another major headache for office block owners is parking. Inner city locations seldom have many spaces dedicated to each building. So, it’s often a case of “first come, first served.”

To prevent issues between staff attempting to park in a space, you need to have some parking control systems in place. For instance, electric barriers that use smart cards are a way to allow only certain people into the parking lot.

From a safety perspective, they can get linked up to facility management systems. That way, if there’s a fire in your office block, and the block needs to get evacuated, safety marshals can do a proper “head count.”

Parking control systems can also tell you how many available spaces there are. Some office block owners have displays installed at the entrance. If you don’t allocate spaces to individuals, they can tell visitors and staff if any spaces are available or not. They can even tell people how many spaces are available!

HVAC controls

Modern office blocks have integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. If yours is old, consider having it updated. At that point, you can then manage various aspects of it from a computer.

For instance, you can find out the location of any faults within the system, so you don’t have to waste time fault-finding in your office block!

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