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Posted on Nov 21 2013 - 10:46am by Teresa Stewart


Since the prevalence of computers has continued to climb, computer-induced medical issues have grown exponentially over the past few decades. The repetitive motion of striking keys, sitting for long periods of time, mental stress and struggling to see words on the screen have all resulted in many physical problems for a great number of people. The most notable medical problems that may arise out of computer use generally include: carpal tunnel syndrome, musculoskeletal problems and computer vision syndrome.

Guidelines of Disability

Many people working on computers develop and suffer disabling conditions that make it impossible to keep doing their jobs the way they are designed. However, there are strict rules when it comes to disability. In fact, the average plan eventually requires that people claiming to be disabled qualify under the strictest guidelines: those of Social Security Disability. 

This makes winning a claim particularly difficult, especially since claimants must be able to prove that not only are they unable to perform their regular jobs, but any job at all. Needless to say, trying to earn a living in a new profession or physical labor job is impractical for many people for a variety of reasons. Before giving in to a denial, research all your legal rights by getting in touch with disability lawyers in Houston or in the area where you reside.

Those who are denied disability may resort to rehab or surgery in an effort to alleviate their pain so they may continue working in the same capacity. However, the best way to alleviate pain from keyboarding is to discontinue keyboarding. The challenge, then, becomes how to find work that doesn’t involve some form of computer work, given that keyboarding has become such a way of life in general today, particularly when it comes to work.

Alternative Workarounds

It is estimated that around 75 percent of all jobs involve some form of computer use. As a workaround to near constant computer use and its negative effects, there are a few new technologies that have been developed to alleviate stress and still make it possible to use them.

1. Voice to Text. Everything about keyboard design focuses upon user interface. The same holds true for voice to text technology. Voice Recognition Software (VR) has become quite popular over the past decade for many types of computer related jobs. The biggest benefit is that it enables virtually hands-free computer usage.
The science behind VR involves computer responses to human voice commands. Virtually anyone who uses computers can use this software to write and communicate by email, input data and prepare documents. Using spell check and grammar programs makes the end product easier to edit as well.

2. On-Screen Keyboard Software. Virtual keyboards are all the rage these days. This type of software uses a powerful type of keyboard access designed as a touch screen device. Similar to a tablet, users merely tap lightly on the screen to perform a variety of functions. All of the on-screen virtual keyboard keys work the same as they would when typing on standard computer keyboards. The main difference is that only the pad of the finger needs to be used. Thus, the wrist and repetitive motion of striking keys is eliminated.

In the world today, using computers is necessary for the majority of people. This is why so few people have considered the medical consequences of working with computers on a repeated and regular basis. It is only when they begin to notice the signs of damaged hands, fingers, eyesight, posture and arthritis that they understand all of the ramifications. 

By that point, many people become aware that they need to find an alternative way to operate the computers that are so pervasive in digitally based work environments. Work with your managers to find ergonomic solutions which will benefit you and other employees. Large companies are often slow to adopt change; if your injury leads to needing extended medical care, contact a lawyer such as disability lawyers in Houston to ensure you receive all your deserved benefits, and to obtain claim assistance. 

As time progresses, it is expected that more technological alternatives will be developed to assist in alleviating the physical stress of working with computers.

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