Reddit Introduces Its New CEO, Former Facebook Engineer Yishan Wong

Posted on Mar 9 2012 - 4:35am by Editorial Staff

In a fair move by the world’s renowned social news site cum online community Reddit, company’s new CEO Yishan Wong was introduced through company’s official blog post. Wong earlier worked as an engineer with Facebook. Reading the context he shared with all, his character seems to me exactly the same way as what Reddit was keen for. He have been a member of the site since 2005 and now bringing an upheld with his engineering knowledge will surely give a sky high vision for the site to grow by leaps and bounds.

Wong explains the way how and what happened:

I was quite happy last September to hear the news that reddit was being spun out into an independent entity.

That announcement included the fact that reddit was looking for a CEO. I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t immediately cross my mind to imagine what it would be like to do that job. I’d left my previous company (Facebook) over a year ago and been doing random startup consulting ever since. But my last position was only as a Director of Engineering and I didn’t have any straight-up CEO experience, despite having managed large teams of engineers and working on numerous business and startup issues. So imagine my surprise when two days later, I was contacted asking if I was interested in talking about the position.

Adding, his first few months plan:

I’m not looking to step in and make “big, bold changes” – I think reddit is great, and the team has a lot of good features already in the pipeline to improve functionality for users and mods, help with subreddit discovery, improve the API, and help bring reddit to more people – so the primary goal for my first few months is to listen and try to learn as much as I can about the details of the product and the community.

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