Reasons Why You Should Love Traveling Solo

Posted on Sep 12 2016 - 7:05am by Editorial Staff


We often make plans with family, friends, near and dear ones, office colleagues but rarely with ourselves. We do the things that others would like doing and spend our time enjoying the moment with someone else, but ourselves. There is no harm in wanting to spend time with yourself, doing the things that you will love and taking time to understand what you really want to do. So, if you have doubts about travelling solo, then here are the reasons why you should love doing it.

“Me” time

Often we find ourselves in situations, where we are simply unsure about what we are doing and where life is heading and if we are trying to catch up to it. These are typical symptoms of running around aimlessly behind routines, behind meetings and schedules, without a thought for why we are doing this. What is needed is some talking to self, spending time away from the digital life, away from the pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Disconnect from the world and head into a solo vacation to get started on your “me” time.

You own the itinerary

Once you head out all alone, you know that there is no more asking others what they would like to do and when. You are the master of your own destiny and how you want to enjoy this trip. You feel empowered to take your own decisions, just like, when you did when you started off on your career. Stay up or sleep for days, drive nonstop of hitch a ride on a truck, ride a bike through the mountains or simply sit at the beach with a beer, the freedom of choice is entirely your own. Rediscover yourself, when you travel solo.

Freedom to indulge yourself / Gaming when you travel solo

When you are alone, apart from the travelling and the sightseeing you have the perfect opportunity to get down and dirty with whatever you really want to do. While some may indulge in pampering oneself, there are some of us who want to kick back and play games online. You will find thrilling casino games online, and other multiplayer games that you don’t really have to give up when you are traveling.

Keep the company you want

Just because you head out alone does not mean you spend it alone. Make new friends, new acquaintances along the way, dine with new people or simply by yourself. No need of breaking awkward silences, no need of giving company for the sake of it. Travelling alone gives you the opportunity to keep the company you want, whenever you want.

Stay in the budget

Travelling solo is also a great way to keep your expenses in check. Savings on tickets, hotel bookings, food, local travel, shopping, and the list just goes on. Not only do you choose to eat what you want and where you want, you can rent a small dorm bed instead of a double room, drink from the local bar rather than at the hotel, hitch a ride than buy a ticket, absolutely anything that saves you some cash and extend your holiday without extending your bills.

Miss your dear one(s)

If you were thinking that these are recommendations for solo people, then you were mistaken. This is a list for all. Living with your parents, friend or partner, taking some time away from them, also makes you realise why you love them so much. The best part is, you can always bring them along, the next time. Missing them at times during your trip will help you be a more patient with them the next time. After all, family and friends, reserve the right to get on your nerves.

Be more vocal and local

The best part about travelling solo, however, makes you more vocal about your needs or troubles (because nobody else is doing it for you) and helps you mix with the locals to address them. Being solo helps you break the language barrier and become part of the local culture, customs and language. This is a rewarding experience which only solo travellers enjoy.

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