Do You Really Need An MBA To Succeed In A Tech Job?

Posted on Sep 14 2016 - 4:21pm by Editorial Staff


If you’re planning on entering into a tech job, do you really need to get your MBA by enrolling in a masters in business administration program or an online MBA program like the one you can find here, or can you do very well without it? Keep reading to get the answer to this question so you can make the best decision for yourself and your career.

The Simple Answer Is “Yes”

Put simply, yes, an MBA can really help you succeed and truly excel even in a tech job. This means that an MBA can take you further than the traditional business degree. You can learn valuable skills that will allow you to become a leader in various fields, including the tech industry. Sure, you can get a job in the tech industry with another degree that is focused upon this particular niche, but an MBA is one of those degrees that truly stands out.

With an MBA, when your job application is placed against other job candidates for a position, you will be showcasing the fact that you have gone through an intense higher-level degree program, and you have gained a lot of valuable skills in the process, particularly when it comes to leading others. So this means that you can get a tech job, or even a leadership position at a tech firm, with your degree.

Seeking Out Information Management Positions

With your MBA in hand, you can seek out information management positions within the tech industry. You can generally apply to jobs within several categories. These include business development, corporate development, and strategy within a tech firm.

If that does not suit your fancy, you can instead apply for job positions in the categories of corporate marketing, product marketing, and product management at a tech company.

Or you can instead stick with other business related job openings such as HR, sales, supply chain/procurement, operations, and finance within a company in the tech field, and then perhaps move across departments when you have proven yourself and your employer is ready to help you switch paths.

Know Where to Apply

When it comes to using your MBA to get a job in the tech industry, you should know where to apply to get the best results. A good place to start is by applying with an established tech company, rather than at startup tech companies.

In other words, avoid applying to new companies that only have around 15 to 50 employees. Rather, go after the companies that are now bigger and established. At those organization, you will find hiring managers who will recognize the true value of your MBA degree and skills, and they will also be more likely to provide you with valuable training programs to further advance your skills in the tech field.

Put simply, an MBA can help you get a job in a variety of industries, including the tech field. So if you are ready to advance your career or switch it entirely, consider getting your MBA to get started.

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