Pros And Cons Of Network Marketing

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You have probably heard of network marketing. You might have done it yourself, be considering doing it, or know somebody who has done it. Nearly everybody does. If you’re interested to find out the pros and cons of network marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more…

Pro: Could Be A Way To Make Ends Meet

Networking marketing could be a good way to help you make ends meet. The terms of what you get when doing this completely depend on a number of things. It’ll depend on the perks of working for a certain company – maybe you get commission and money off their products too. However, you’ll usually have to work really hard to make a decent wage from it. You can’t do a half-hearted job and really believe that people are going to buy from you.

Con: You Probably Won’t Get Rich

It takes a hell of a lot to get rich from doing something like this. Chances are, you probably won’t get rich doing it. That isn’t a definite. There have been people who have made an incredible amount of money doing things like Avon and transforming it into a real part time business. Unless you take that same approach though, you aren’t likely to get a lot of money.

Pro: Share A Product You Are Passionate About

If you’re truly passionate about a product, it could be a good idea for you to pass it on to others, After all, you might be doing them a favour. If you’re not passionate about a product, then you probably won’t get great results selling it. People can tell the difference between someone who is passionate and someone who isn’t.

Con: Most Sales Need to be Conducted Face To Face

If you’re not much of a people person and prefer to work online, that’s tough. Most sales need to be conducted face to face, so you’ll need to work on your communication and people skills.

Pro: You Don’t Need to Come Up With Your Own Idea To Make Money

Most people think they need to invent the wheel to make money. You don’t. By simply getting involved in network marketing, you can make money from somebody else’s idea.

Con: There’s A Lot Of Rejection

You will experience a lot of rejection when network marketing. That’s just the way it goes. Some people won’t buy from network marketers at all, and are completely turned off by them no matter what the product is. Some people just won’t listen even if you know you’re right. You need to be ok with that!  There are a few other cons you should be made aware of too, before you go into anything like this. Here are 7 reasons to avoid network marketing. Just a couple include:

  • You May Need a Mentor
  • There Are Lots of Scams

Now you know the pros and cons of network marketing, you can make the right decision. It certainly isn’t for everybody! Leave your thoughts below. Come back soon!

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