Promoting A Non-Profit On A Tight Budget

Posted on Jul 26 2013 - 8:32pm by Ashley Williamson



You run a non for profit organization and have a big event coming up, but funds are tight and getting the word out seems like a huge challenge.  What can you do? Promoting a non-profit organization is never an easy task since funds are usually allocated towards the services offered to the people or community, which leaves little for spreading the word about who you are or what you do. Luckily, in today’s high tech market, one can promote a non-profit for next to nothing. From social media to simple yard signs, there are easy ways to promote your organization without spending significant amounts of your precious resources. Here a few helpful tips to get you started.

Social experience

Since just about everyone is using social media these days, this should be one of the first places you start. Create an active and engaging social profile that encourages others to follow along. Offer a simple contest or start a discussion to try and leverage more followers. Do not stop with Facebook and Twitter – create an alluring website which showcases your accomplishments and monetary needs, generating outside interest in your organization. Websites are a great way to reach further than the local community, attracting a broad audience of potential donors from around the world. It may be necessary to place a few targeted advertisements on various pages and blogs, but the traffic that could generate for you is limitless. (See the Google Grants section for more on this.) Talk with a local IT person about search engine optimization to make sure your page is highly visible to everyone. Finally, take advantage of YouTube. Make a video that highlights some of the things your organization has done to make the community a better place. Share the video to your social profiles and with any luck, the video will spread like a wildfire.

Create some solid partnerships

Just as in life, a good relationship is healthy and beneficial for your non-profit. Make friends and partners with local companies who may be looking to partner up with an organization like yours. It may come as a surprise, but there are just as many benefits to them for partnering with your organization as you to theirs. Attend some local events and get to know the prominent business leaders in your area. These friendships help keep a non-profit afloat in times of need.

A good sign

When you are desperate for people to take notice of your organization, a solid yard sign can be a cheap and effective solution. Proper yard signs don’t need to say a lot – they just need to spark curiosity and interest. This can be accomplished by customizing a sign with some catchy artwork or graphics that inspire passers-by to want to look further into your organization.

Google it!

You may not have heard of it, but Google runs a program known simply as Google Grants which is designed solely for charities and provides huge benefits using Google’s ever present AdWords technology. They will give you 10,000 dollars a month in AdWords to promote your non-profit organization through every corner of the internet. Check out the site for more details, as this is not to be missed.

Some final thoughts

For most non-profit organizations sufficient funds are hard to come by. When you’ve got a fundraiser or any type of event on the horizon hat needs promotion, breaking the bank is the last thing you can afford to do. I’ve highlighted some cheap, yet highly effective ways to get the word out that anyone can take advantage of. It’s a high tech era, and it is absolutely imperative to take advantage of the technology available to you in order to stay relevant.

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