Pro Tips To Get The Whole House Clean Fast

Posted on Dec 14 2017 - 10:34pm by Editorial Staff

Once again you find yourself in this situation… you have friends coming over in less than an hour and your house is a complete mess. Most of us simply put off simple chores all the time and just want to get over with them as quickly as possible.

So there’s nothing you can do… You just need to let it go, sit back and wait for your friends in a messy house… Not exactly. What if we told you can actually clean your house completely in less than an hour. Here are some tricks used by professionals like Helpling Singapore that will help you clean quickly…

Four Professional Tips for Cleaning Your Home

Start by making a schedule

You should set some time to get the chores done. After all, you wouldn’t hire a professional cleaning service that told they will arrive some random weekend when they have nothing else scheduled. Take a page from professionals’ book and set up a clear cleaning schedule. By sticking to your schedule, you’ll be able to finish things up in record time.

You have to dress for success

If you’ve ever seen a cleaning professional – and we’re sure you did – then you know they dress in comfortable and more importantly, washable clothing. Dressing like this will give you the mobility you need to work freely. Also, don’t forget to get some cleaning gloves and goggles to protect your body against different chemicals you’ll be using. Try to create an “official uniform” for your cleaning sessions, which includes proper clothes, shoes and protection.

Buy yourself proper tools and supplies

How many times have you seen a professional cleaner using one of those “specialized cleaning tools” or gadgets used on infomercials? The matter of the fact is, professionals don’t use gimmicky gadgets, and they have proper tools and supplies. So if you want to clean your home properly, you have to have the right mops, cloths and cleaning solutions. Invest your money smartly – don’t just buy the latest gadget you’ve seen on some random commercial.

Tidy your house up before you start cleaning

Last but not least, professionals are not there to tidy your furniture and countertops – they are there to clean. And they can’t really do their job if everything is covered with dirty clothes, toys and just plain-old clutter. So give yourself a good head start and pick things up before you start cleaning.

The Bottom Line

We have point one thing out – cleaning your home quickly doesn’t just take a lot of effort – it also takes concentration. You cannot allow yourself to get distracted by Facebook and Twitter notifications on your phone. You need to work fast and making unnecessary breaks will only stop you dead in your tracks…

If you are afraid of forgetting something, then write all of these tips down on a piece of paper or simply copy/paste these tips and print them out. Lastly, don’t be a perfectionist – remember, you’re working on a tight schedule so everything doesn’t need to be spotless.

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