Privacy & Data Management on Mobile Devices

Posted on Dec 11 2012 - 11:56am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Arun Verma is a mix bag of technology who being an artist by heart and with strong love  and passion for technology.

In the current period of time, smartphones are the collection of valuable items discovered or found as well as personally identifiable information. But there are some disadvantages not only if we lose our phones, when we download certain apps, it quietly collect our data. Here an interesting infographic provided by which tell about how smartphones owner mange their data. At some extend, you will definitely be surprised to know that 30% of smartphone users frequently back up their photos, contact and their filed in their phones, 59% turn off their location tracking and 50% clear their history occasionally. Take a look at all facts and figures of application and data management of smartphones users to know better about how privacy and data management on mobile devices take place:
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