How To Prevent Your Guns And Ammo From Rusting

Posted on Oct 30 2017 - 6:09pm by Editorial Staff

If you need your guns and ammo to last longer, you have to take care of them by protecting them from unnecessary rusting. The best thing to do is to safeguard your ammunition stockpile as you would preserve something very precious.

If your storage is safe, even cheap ammos will last longer and stay safe from corrosion. In right conditions, the ammo will last for a long time. The following attributes must direct you whenever you are storing your ammo. They will act as guidelines on how you should keep your ammunition safely to avoid any damage.

Maintain the ammunitions in a cool location

The ammunition must be in a cool place but not cold. Storing them in constant high temperature or low temperatures is not wrong. However, your concern should be extreme temperature swings which cause rusting. The durability is compromised if the temperature keep changing year after year

The guns must be dry

Humidity is even more dangerous than the temperature changes. We all know that moisture accelerates rust. Moisture is corrosive to metals, and the gun is made of metals. The oxidation begins with small amounts of surface rust which will increase with time.

Ensure that your ammunition are in a dark place

Apparently, the UV light is a major destructive force. If a metal is in the light for an extended period, it will break almost all its components. Thus, the over-extended exposure to the light can destroy your ammo very quickly. Due to that, ensure that you have an indoor storage which prevents you ammunition from rusting.

Use of camphor

Camphor produces a gas that prevents oxidation and works efficiently to prevent metals from rusting. Then place a camphor in your store to prevent any chances of rusting. Also, you can use mothballs to absorb moisture that is available in store. Consequently, moth balls will adopt moisture while camphor will block any form of reaction.


The other vital method that can prevent rusting is coatings. Put a thin film of camellia oil or even paste wax to prevent rusting. Wax is an excellent rust inhibitor. After you oil your tools, carefully wipe the excess oil until you can barely feel the oil.

In conclusion, it is advisable to keep all your ammo cans in a large safe gun. That way, you are double sure that the ammunitions are safe from kids, fire, and intruders. As much as you’re protecting the ammunitions from rust, security is also paramount. Fire, on the other hand, can cause a lot of damage and you may end up counting losses.

Having discussed the above measures, I am confident that you will be in a position to prevent your ammunition from rusting. You just need to observe every action. It is always a good idea to employ new strategies if at all you want to have a successful storage. Proper safety measures keeps the ammunition for long and they can be used for a long time.

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