Popular Window Coverings For Bedrooms

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Every bedroom needs to have window treatments. You don’t want peeping Toms, and you want to keep the light out during the days you can sleep in. On the weekend, your bedroom should be kept dark so you can get a restful sleep. Even on the days you do work, you want to block out any light so you can get good quality sleep.

However, just because you want to cover your windows and block light doesn’t mean the coverings have to be ugly. There are so many great options for attractive window coverings that are functional and aesthetically appealing. Here are some great choices!

Drapes with Silk

If you want a luxurious, romantic feeling for your bedroom, you need some dramatic window coverings. To make this feeling, you should add a deep color to your windows. Try a rustic brown or a sea foam green. Don’t be afraid to add custom touches, like pleats, tassels, beads or more. Luxurious bedrooms are full of texture and drama.

Floor to Ceiling


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One way to make your small room feel a bit bigger and add some flare is to create floor to ceiling curtains. Hang a rod at the top of your wall, right under the ceiling. Pleated window treatments should be the length of your entire wall, touching the floor. When they are closed, your room will feel cozy and private.

Two Shade Blinds

There may be times when you want your bedroom to be flooded with light, such as when you are snugging in bed with a book. Other times, you may want to shut out the world and indulge in some privacy. There are some great blinds, the like the Hunter Douglas Duette blinds, that let you pick the fabrics and opaqueness of your shades. You can manage your privacy needs and the amount of light you want.

Layers on layers


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You don’t have to select just one type of window covering! There is no rule telling you that you can only have one window treatment, so go for the layers. You could select blinds, like the above mentioned Duette blinds. Then, hang a set of sheer curtains over top. Next, hang a set of patterned curtains on top. You can close the sheer curtains, but leave the patterned layer open. Layers will soften the look of your bedroom.

Room Darkening Shades


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As we mentioned before, everyone has different light preferences in their bedroom. Some people don’t enjoy noticing the sun rising as they sleep. If you prefer a dark bedroom, you need room darkening. There are some great options for room darkening blinds. Another option is to find some room darkening shades, like the Hunter Douglas’ Silhouette Duolite shades.

Change up the Hardware


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Some people forget they can change more than just the curtains. If you change the hardware, it will alter the look of the window coverings. For example, purchasing a new curtain rod that is metallic will great a dramatic look. There are some very interesting rods available; you don’t have to settle for the plain and mundane choices.

Dark Curtains against Light Walls

Usually, you want to avoid dark colors in small rooms. The exception to this rule is when you use a dark colored curtain against a light colored wall. This is one way to use color correctly. The color contrast adds a contemporary look that will add some flare to your space. One of the popular color choices now is a metallic, chocolate brown; it compliments many colors!

These are just a few of the awesome options you could use to cover your windows. Your bedroom windows need to have some attention so you can create the master bedroom you desire in your heart.

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