Planning A Trip For Christmas Holidays

Posted on Oct 17 2013 - 10:35am by Eliza Allen


At holiday time you will find number of travel guides who will tell you many things to adopt to keep at minimum the travel doubt we have to do a lots of things before going for holiday trip but “don’ts” are also very necessary to keep the things smoothe.The skills of avoidance will help you beat the more common pitfalls of the season. I will tell you some “do’s” and “don’t’s”for planning a trip and making it cheerful. What you need not to do is

Do not go on bad dates

The notoriously busy thanksgiving weekend has the same peak travel days each year, try to avoid these days. The Christmas andNew Year falls on Wednesday this year meaning that this week will be busy. Plan some days before or after it.

Do not go crazy with carry-on baggage

During this time of year the airports become too rush and busy. If you have an extra items then prepare yourself to wait in long queue for the checked luggage. It’s better to save the time and keep only important items with you.

Do not overeat before traveling and definitely not drunk

Overeating and drinking can disturb you in the the scarcity of washrooms in plane is obvious so try to control your eating n drinking before boarding on.

Do not book too late

For booking the simplest and important advice is “the sooner the better”

Now what you have to do is some simple tasks. First is shop around sharply and pack wisely. The amount of liquid which you can take with you in the plane is just 3 to 4 ounce, more than his will not be accepted. You can’t bring “outside” bottles of water through the security checkpoints, but do pick up several bottles from the food court inside the “sterile” area beyond security.

Second is know your airports, make precautions and leave early.

Thirdly reduce your stress level further by mailing your gifts or sending them by an overnight courier or package service. It may cost a few dollars, but the stuff will get there and you don’t have to carry it.

And the last thing is reduce your stress. Keep yourself calm, tolerant and composed. You will need these mental bits while standing in long ques or upon hearing the bad news of flight delay. Keep with yourself lots of stuff to read or listen such as books, magazines or CD. And if you’ve got a long layover between flights or are faced with an unexpected delay, consider joining an airline’s club network.

After observing these precautionary measures you will be able to decide the destination for your trip. I will give you some ideas about where to go? You will find many different options and choices.


The French capital is full of many unusual shows, exhibition and theaters in the festive season. The hotels are mostly closed on public holidays so check for booking before going.


This will be an ideal place to go on Christmas holidays. This pear shaped Tropical Island is all about exclusivity and style. The famous places are portlious, Pereybere Beach and Surya Oudaya Sangam. Many hotels provide online services so book online before going there.


To celebrate Christmas at religious place, Rome is the best option.

Caribbean islands

If you want to enjoy the sunshine and crystal clear water then go to Caribbean islands. There is much variety of food and culture. You have to do some research to final the destination for you.

With these tips and ideas make your trip delightful and memorable.

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