How To Pick Your Next Holiday

Posted on Jan 27 2017 - 5:32pm by Editorial Staff

Nothing is more exciting than booking a holiday abroad, because you know you will have days, weeks or months of excitement ahead of you. However, it can be a little frustrating when you want to buy a holiday but don’t know where to book. Well, here are some top tips to help you pick your next vacation.

Make a Travel Bucket List

Grab a pen and paper and write a list of all the places you want to visit throughout your lifetime. Writing one destination may lead to you writing another, and before you know it you may have a big list of breaks to choose from. Once you have your list, rank the destinations in order and the place that comes out on top could very well be your next getaway. Not sure where to start? Mr Hudson Explores offers many fantastic holiday ideas and hotel tips.

Think About the Experience You Need

Before you rush into booking a holiday, think about the type of vacation you need. While a trip to New York might sound amazing, you might need a more relaxing holiday if you live an active or stressful life. So, instead of booking a city trip that will take you here, there and everywhere, opt for a tropical holiday that will allow you to simply relax, sunbathe and take a casual stroll to various stores, bars and restaurants.

Review Your Budget

Unfortunately, many of us are often limited to budget when it comes to booking a holiday, so it will be a big consideration when booking your next vacation. You should never book a holiday you cannot afford, as this will only lead to debt, worry and disappointment. You should therefore book a hotel that fits easily within your budget. Many hotels and airlines often offer flash deals, so keep an eye out for the latest offers so you can grab a bargain.

Speak to Loved Ones

One of the best ways to find out where to go on your next break is to speak to loved ones about their favourite holidays. Recommendations often mean so much more than online reviews or flash deals, because you can sit down and talk about a friend or family member’s experience, excursions and the hotel they booked for their break.


Seasoned and occasional travellers often take to Instagram to share their travel photos, so it can be a great way to view genuine photos of a destination or hotel, from a hotel bar’s cocktails to the views of the local beach. Simply type in the hashtag of your hotel or destination and you can guarantee many images will appear, offering a more in-depth look at your desired getaway.

So, to pick the perfect holiday, you must thoroughly research a destination, stay within the confines of your budget, read impartial travel reviews and identify the holiday type that best suits your mood and lifestyle at present. Once you have done all that, you will be ready to enjoy a fantastic break away.

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