Peter Molyneux: ‘Why I Left Microsoft And Lionshead Studio?’

Posted on Apr 12 2012 - 7:13am by Editorial Staff

Peter Molyneux widely known for his Lionhead Studio finally speaks out and shared the reasons why he departed from the company in an interview with Eurogamer. Molyneux explained, “I started getting all these lifetime achievement awards and BAFTA fellowships, and gosh, who knows what else? I almost lined them up on the shelf, looked at them, and thought to myself, well, are these awards really for things I’ve done in the past? Do they represent the best I’m ever going to do? Or do they represent a challenge to what I am going to do?”

Molyneux also discussed the cancellation of his Kinect brain child, Milo and Kate. Calling it the “most fascinating project I ever worked on,” he admitted that while he understood the practical reasons for its discontinuation, it could have subconsciously pushed him towards his decision to start his own creative endeavor.

“My definition of changing the world is connecting people together, of there being more of a persistent experience, of there being the ability of different people with different interests and different skills, playing and contributing and adding together,” Molyneux said. “If I did all of those things, and I did them well and it was well crafted with this amazing team I’ve got, then it would change the world.

“It’s neatly packaged up by me saying that I’m going to make a game to change the world — and I’m sure you’re going to use that as the headline,” he added. “But my caveat on that is, I just don’t want to make something that’s like another game.”

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