Personal Lines Of Credit Cover Wintertime Expenses

Posted on Jan 30 2017 - 9:00am by Editorial Staff

It should be easy to save money during the winter months. As the mercury plummets and the snow accumulates, we naturally stay indoors. By staying inside to Netflix and chill, we avoid the financial temptations of patio drinks, window shopping, and weekend trips to neighboring cities. Contrary to popular belief, our hibernating ways don’t always help us. The frosty season ends up being an expensive time of year for many Americans. The cost of heating our homes, fixing our furnaces, and installing winter tires to our cars can add up, and sometimes their combined price tags can exceed the balance in our bank accounts.

Heating your home and staying safe on the roads is a necessity of the season, so you can’t put your head in the snowbank and ignore these costs. You wouldn’t be the first American to find it difficult to cover your utility bill or an unexpected furnace repair. Over 10 million households won’t be able heat their homes because of the cost. Those that struggled to pay their bills before you found a way to cover these obligations, many of which did so by searching out line of credit loans online. A personal line of a credit is an excellent way for seasonal expenses whenever they arise.

Unlike a loan, a line of credit can remain in your possession without accumulating interest. That means you can let it sit in your account costing you nothing until you begin to draw against its credit. In this way, it works similarly to a credit card. Interest is determined by the amount that you’ve used and not the total limit. You don’t have to repay it in its entirety either, as you can make convenient minimum payments towards the principal as you see fit.

Many people use these financial products in lieu of small dollar loans because of their repayment process. You can use your line of credit over a longer period of time without worrying about paying it back completely, so you can use it to help pay for bills and repairs that crop up at disparate times over the season.

Let’s say your furnace breaks down at the beginning of the month, and then your utility rates increase by 3% at the end of the month. If you only had small dollar loans at your disposal, you would have to apply for one to pay for the furnace and apply for another one to pay for the higher rates. Disregarding the additional time spent on a second application, there’s no guarantee you’ll qualify or be approved for that second loan.

A line of credit, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to pay for both expenses without going through twice the work. We can all appreciate convenience in the middle of this particular season, so check to see what your local lender can offer. There’s a personal line of credit waiting for you.

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