Pakistan Asks Interpol To Screen Sensitive Content After Twitter Decline To Help

Posted on May 21 2012 - 5:22am by Editorial Staff

Senator Rehman Malik, Pakistan’s Interior Minister has taken to Twitter to explain the Twitter blockage over the weekend, the government has contacted Interpol in order to take up the issue of screening sensitive content. The country banned the micro-blogging site which was later restored by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The access was blocked over an ongoing “competition” of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) caricatures.

The minister’s tweets are below, in chronological order:

  • It is highly sensitive issue and those who are making such un Islamic material which is hurting the feelings of Muslims
  • Dear All yes I spoke to PM and informed how people are feeling about it.PM ordered to reopen the twitter.I also spoke to Raja pervez abt it
  • As committed twitter has been unblocked but I request to stop anti Islam material on twitter which hurts Muslim Ummaha.It nflicts feelings.
  • It was all of a sudden by ITministry after witnessing anti Islamic material was not consulted on it however I hv played my role to restore
  • Anti Islamic material/tweets hurt Muslim Umaha.I advise such fellows to pl respect our faith.let us promote inter faith for peaceful world
  • Request all members to retweet “condemn all those who generate anti islamic tweets”I request for retweeting to friends of all other faiths.
  • Matter was taken up with the magt of twitter but was declined.Notice is now being served to twitter through Interpol to block such material
  • I will go to sleep now thanking my critics and I pray may God guide them and show the right path to learn the right way to respect others.
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