What To Pack For A Weekend Away In Europe

Posted on Aug 5 2016 - 7:23pm by Editorial Staff

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One of the perks about living just across the channel from a city like Paris is in having the ability to get away for a weekend trip that promises to be filled with fine wine, great food and a bit of romance found only on a boat ride along the Seine. Paris doesn’t strike your fancy? What about a quick jaunt to Rome, Athens or Amsterdam? No matter where you intend to spend your weekend, you need to think about what to pack even if only for a few short days.

Trekking about Athens

Visiting a city with the rich and varied history of Athens, you’ll surely want to take time to visit some of the ancient ruins. By night you can mingle in with the younger crowd that enjoy an active lifestyle of clubbing and movies, but by day you can set out to do a bit of exploration of another kind. Athens has taken to films and there is quite a huge population of cinephiles. Not sure what to wear to a movie in the capital city? Check out the offerings on Axparis where you can get the latest fashions in everything from trendy dresses to separates, footwear and accessories.

Plan for the Best…

As the old saying goes, always plan for the best but prepare for the worst. What does this mean in terms of packing for a weekend in Europe? Depending on what time of year it is you can plan for anything from lovely sunshine to cool drizzly days to sub-freezing temperatures with ice covered roadways. If the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny, you might want to bring along an umbrella and rain coat. On the other hand, if you are all set to go ice skating in the winter in Amsterdam, you might want to take along a lighter jacket because the temperatures may not dip as low as planned. Always carry an outfit that suits weather typical for the time of year. Better to play it safe than spend half your weekend shopping for clothing more suitable for the weather.

How Are You Travelling?

If you are flying to the continent, London to Athens for example, you will want to pack as lightly as possible. Most airlines either charge per bag checked or allow one piece of luggage with extras being paid for in cash upon arrival at the airport. Also, when travelling by air there are certain restrictions as to what you can pack and what you are not allowed, under any circumstances, to bring. Call ahead to find out whether you can carry on a snack and a beverage or if you need to purchase those in flight. What about perfumes, makeup, toothpaste and other toiletries? There are standard security regulations then there are those imposed by the airlines themselves. This should all be taken care of at least a week before you plan to travel so that you can have everything in order and stress free on that glorious day.

You may be flying out only for a weekend but it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Pack an extra of everything in the event that you get to Europe and absolutely hate what you’ve chosen or something should go wrong with the outfit you had planned on wearing. Even though this sounds like a lot of work, the fun you’ll have on your weekend away will be well worth the effort.

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