Outstation Guests At home. Here’s How OYO Rooms Came To My Rescue

Posted on Apr 1 2017 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff

For people who serve in the defense, the turf that they can call home comes pretty late in life. After serving for nearly 30 odd years in the Indian army, the decision to settle down in the city that we can finally claim to be our home was a tough one. I retired in 2008, and by that time my two sons had finished their education, were married and working abroad. Now, it was just my wife and me, and we wanted to find a place that was quiet, lush and most importantly had roots to the life we had lived so far.

Why I choose to reside in a small Apartment in Indiranagar?

Upon much deliberation, we finally decided to buy a house in Indiranagar, Bangalore, which is known to be home to many ex-servicemen.For those residing in the city for 20 or 30 years, will tell you how the neighborhood has transpired from a dotted suburban area to a major commercial and residential hub. We never wanted an enormous house as upkeep and maintenance of a big establishment was not going to be easy.

Therefore, we choose a small 1200 square feet, two bedroom apartment in an upscale area of Indiranagar. Although, the initial few month of figuring out the ways of a new city were tough, we eventually adjusted to the post-retirement life.  Our children take turn to visit us every year. They usually come down for 4 weeks and it’s an amazing feeling to have the walls of your small abode consumed with laughter and antics of your grandchildren.

Challenges of a Small Dwelling

Even though our house is small, we never faced a challenge when it came to hosting the families of our children. However, last year both my sons decided to visit at the same time. It was nearly 5 or 6 years since we had a family get-together. As part of the re-union, the plan was to spend a few days in Bangalore together and then head for a two-week road trip to Kerala, Goa and then back to the city.

Although my wife and I were excited about this re-union, I was aware of the space constraint and for the first time regretted the idea of buying a small house.  This prompted me to inquire about hotels in the city. During this exercise I visited hotels in MG road Bangalore and the areas around it but found them quite exorbitant. Then, a friend’s son informed me about OYO Rooms.

How OYO came to my Rescue

I had seen hoardings of OYO room all across Bangalore but never thought that it would be the answer to my prayers of finding an affordable yet standardized accommodation. Much to my surprise, I not only found affordable OYO hotels in MG Road Bangalore but also within the vicinity of Indiranagar. For the sake of those who are facing similar dilemma as I did, here are my reasons why OYO is a perfect accommodation for your guests –

•  Locating is Easy – OYO Rooms are spread across all the major parts of the city, therefore finding an accommodation which is within comfortable distance from your home is no problem at all.

•  Hassle-free Booking – Booking an OYO is very convenient. They have a dedicated mobile app as well as a website. All you need to do it select your location and find an OYO near you.

• Amenities – I was very impressed by the facilities offered by the OYO room that I booked. The rooms were exceptionally clean and tidy. The room service was prompt, and the facility also offered laundry service. Wi-Fi service was also the part of the offering.

• Affordable – This is the most relevant part. When weighing different accommodation option, the cost of the one-night stay was working out to be very expensive. With OYO, I could book the rooms for as low as 999 per night. Since I booked two rooms for a whole week, I also received further 30% discount.

The Bottom Line

When you are booking accommodation on behalf of your guests, you want them to feel comfortable and happy. With OYO it was just that. My sons and their family did not face any problem. Each family has a private space to themselves, and everyone was comfortable and happy.

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