Outsourced Vs Online Training – What Actually Works?

Posted on Jun 17 2014 - 8:41am by Alexandra Ashton


For a company to succeed the bosses have to have increasingly maximized training for the workforce regularly. That’s no secret, but what’s boggling the minds of economists is whether it’s efficient to send trainees abroad for a rigorous outsourced training and whether it’s better to just get an online course inculcated into these people and save tremendous amounts of company money. There are big reasons why people should get outsourced training, and one of those is that the employees have the right to enjoy their right to travel as a benefit from the company they’re working for. But is being an employee enough of a reason to waste a lot of money to give training that’s not really needed? That’s the question being answered by many companies today.

When people are trained, it is assumed that much productivity is gained from them, because, hey, ever y training must produce something substantial from an employee, right? That is why companies spend a hefty chunk of their budgets to make their employees clever and plucky. That is the reason people are travelling via business class and because training overseas makes for a better economic decision,  as conventional wisdom puts it, companies must go for it now, right? More information given to the employees, latest trends and insider knowledge should make for a powerful portfolio for the trained employees. But is that really the case? Shouldn’t the companies be worried that outsourced training might cost too much but doesn’t generate enough profit margins that make the entire training worth it?

If you’re part of a company that values personnel training, you will understand the importance of this infographic. The infographic shows details of the real nature of the economic workplace today and how much money is being given away by companies without anything substantial to show for it. Online training is much recommended today, and no less than this infographic can show that online training must be the most ideal option for training employees in this day and age.


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