Outfits For Women: Skirts For Your Body Shape

Posted on Jul 20 2016 - 7:01am by Alexandra


It’s that time of the year, again. Trees are blooming, flowers are blossoming, and with every passing day, a skirt is pulled out of the back of the wardrobe to make its debut under the blue sky.

We all know women outfits are seasonal, but who doesn’t love skirts…all year round? There are mini skirts, bubble skirts, pencil skirts, fishtail skirts, skirts of all types and sizes. Of course, not all types of skirts look and fit particularly well on all of us, and that’s where we come in. We have all you need to know on how to look slimmer by wearing just the right type of skirts.

Skirts, like any other clothing item, need to be considered and worn not just for their comfort, but also for the way they shape our bodies. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

From Apple to Appletini

For all those beautiful women out there who have apple shaped bodies or a wide waist, A-line or high-waisted skirts are your best friends. How will they make you look thinner, you may ask?  These skirts will redirect attention from your waist, show off your legs, and make you feel amazing. The high-waist will outline the smallest part of your torso, and cover your waist as to create the illusion of a waistline. After all, fashion is all about creating the right kind of illusion, and making it work for you.

Let’s not forget your slender legs. Don’t hide them under long skirts, but instead show them off with a short hemline. Do your best to stay away from skirts with lots of embellishments around the waist and avoid waistbands, wraps, darts, or front pockets, as these will have the opposite effect and draw attention to your waist.

Pencil skirts and trumpet skirts also look amazing on apple shaped women. You may think otherwise, but next time you are out shopping, try on a lightly tapered pencil skirt –  you’ll fall in love with this fashion outfit.

From A Banana To A Gentle Drama

Women with Banana shaped bodies have small busts, hips and shoulders, and overall a slim figure. The question here is not how to look thinner, but how to create drama. Skirts are one great way to add some curves and shape the body. Tulip skirts, trumpet skirts, bubble skirts, and pleat skirts will provide volume and enrich your look. Have fun with detailed skirts, beaded skirts and skirts with ruffles.

You can choose fitted calf-length skirts for a more conservative look or body-conscious mini skirts to show off your amazing legs. Both options will create the illusion of curves. If you are a bit conscious of your legs, a longer skirt with a slit will be a sexy yet sophisticated addition to your fashion outfits.

Did I mention you can go wild with skirts that have pockets and you can also accessorize with belts? Whatever your choice, embrace it and wear it with confidence.

From Hourglass To Timeless

Women with hourglass shaped bodies have wide hips and shoulders and a defined waist. If you haven’t considered a trumpet skirt, I highly recommend it.  Trumpet skirts will gently outline your shape just at the right places. Pencil skirts and A-line skirts will also provide a great fit and will emphasize your to-die-for waist. These are must have fashion outfits and timeless additions to your wardrobe.

From A Pear To A Gorgeous Affair

Women with pear shaped bodies typically have narrow shoulders and hips that are wider than their bust. A-line skirts look amazing on pear shaped women, particularly when the hemline is right around the knees. This will exaggerate just the right part of your waist and cover up your hips. Like with an apple shaped body, embellishments are to be avoided, particularly around the hip area. In general, softly draped skirts are the way to go when looking for a solution on how to look thinner.

About the Author

Alexandra has been writing about fashion for some years now. She is a strong advocate of body-positive fashion and empowering women by embracing their own look and self. Alexandra also loves writing about eco-fashion that is revolutionizing the way we think about consumerism and the way we treat our planet. There you have it; a few examples and a great amount of detail from Alexandra to set you on the right path towards your next slimming fashion outfits. Now, go out there and rock that skirt!