Oracle Considered Buying RIM or Palm To Get Into The Smartphone Market

Posted on Apr 18 2012 - 6:50am by Editorial Staff

The long-awaited Oracle and Google trial finally make its way to courtroom and what interesting thing is coming out that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison put up the fact that his company at one point considering purchasing the Blackberry maker Research In Motion or Palm in order to get into the mobile phone marketplace, reports The Wall Street Journal. But what interesting is that, RIM was deemed too expensive at the time and Palm was taken by HP.

Other publication, Reuters reports that Oracles also considered partnering with an Android manufacturer like the one Samsung. He simply said that it was a “bad idea” to try and compete with Apple and Google. Ellison also testified that he tried to convince Larry Page and Eric Schmidt to make android “compatible with the industry standard version of Java.”

Although on second day from Google’s side, “I know there’s some disputes about some files,” Page said, noting that Ellison had informed him about the allegations over a dinner meeting. He went on to say that examples had never been sent, “I’m assuming because there wasn’t very strong evidence.” Page also stated that he was not involved personally in ensuring that Google employees working on Android didn’t have access to Sun or Oracle intellectual property. He pointed to Android head Andy Rubin states that he “didn’t have any formal reporting relationship with me.”

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