Oracle CFO: We Never Wanted This Lawsuit With Google

Posted on Apr 30 2012 - 7:15am by Editorial Staff

In the recent ongoing Oracle and Google legal battle, Oracle CFO and President Safra Catz made an appearance on the stand at the U.S. District Court on Friday morning, testifying for Oracle’s in its intellectual property trial against Google. Catz replied that Oracle never supplied any financial or technical resources, nor did Oracle ever consider it.

“We didn’t need to as we had our own independent implementation, and we had a license from Sun,” Catz added. “We never wanted to be in this litigation with Google,” Catz said. Peters asked Catz if Oracle took any further steps to resolve the dispute with Google after this email, and if those conversations were successful. Catz admitted that she has roughly $18 million in shares, adding that she is “truly the American dream.”

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