Omni Reloaded: Reinventing A Classic

Posted on Sep 23 2014 - 9:15am by Editorial Staff


When I heard that Sumo Lounge was updating their best-selling Omni chair to commemorate ten years in the bean bag business, I was thinking they would probably introduce some new colors or materials, maybe even a different shape. Instead, they launched Omni Reloaded; an altogether unique take on the comfort furnishings concept.

Unlike the original, the stylish Reloaded lounge chair is both flexible and reasonably compact, making storage a breeze. It is made of sturdy materials that are waterproof, UV resistant and super easy to clean, all of which comes in handy when used outdoors (something else you might not do your Omni bean bag). But the real genius of this new product is the coated steel-frame hinges that allows the user to position the chair to suit whatever they may be doing.

At the beach, pool or park I can adjust the hinges so that I can read or catch some rays. I straighten it up in order to surf the net, watch TV, read my emails on my phone or lay it flat when I want to nap. The possibilities are endless! The chair comes in five bright colors (fuchsia, lime, orange, blue and brown) with lime being my personal favorite.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how good it looks next to my contemporary den furnishings that I rarely need to put it away at home, not even when entertaining guests. Heck, they enjoying using it as a bed when sleeping over. And when traveling, I stuff the chair in its matching carry case; throw it in the car trunk and volia! Ready to roll.

Though a tad pricey at $199, I believe that the chair easily pays for itself; the durable materials mean a long life full of practical uses.

The quality that comes with a decade of experience certainly shows. Andrew Milligan, the founder and ongoing consultant for the brand (after stepping down as CEO last year), clearly still has a hand in product development. Like Sumo’s other best-selling chairs, the Omni Reloaded has taken a simple concept, comfort in this case, and revolutionized it to the next level.

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