Olympus OM-D E-M5 Leaks Add-On: Superfast Autofocus, 3D Tracking System, GN10 Flash

Posted on Feb 7 2012 - 5:11pm by Editorial Staff

Olympus on February 8th is on the way to announce a new line of its Micro Four Thirds cameras with the name “OM-D”. The specifications that are pretty sure with some minor changes expected from the company side. The specs, which includes a magnesium body, weight 373 grams (body only), 16MP sensor optimized High Dynamic Range, 200 up to 25,600 ISO, built-in electronic viewfinder 1.44 million dots, Five-axis image stabilizer in body, FAST AF and 3D tracking, comes in black or silver color, and most important will comes with a cost of around $1,100.

Today, 43 Rumors suggest the E-M5 could sport a “super fast” autofocus and 3D tracking system, an external weather-sealed GN10 flash. The camera is having the Intel flowing with tidbits it received from a super European source.

Olympus “9-point” E-M5 Information:

  • E-M5 has Super fast AF and “3D tracking” for “moving objects” .
  • The camera comes with an external GN10 flash called FL-LM2, which is “weather sealed” and can be used as remote trigger (just like E-P3)
  • There is a E-M5 Diving box coming this summer (name PT-E08). It goes 45 Meters under water, and you can use the 14-42mm II, 14-42MM IIR  or MZD 9-18mm lens. Yuo can also use MF lenses like the Zuiko ED 8mm f/3.5, the ZD 50mm f/2.0. The (external) Flash that comes with the E-M5 can also be used.
  • The MMF-3 adapter is weather sealed and has a “detachable” tripod mount. There is no info about the focusing speed…
  • We will be able to view the IS effect through the new EVF, and the EVF has sensor when you get close to 18mm it turns on (turns on very fast according to OLY), you will also be able to see the shutter speeds and aperture stuff just like the E-5 at the bottom of the EVF
  • There will be two more art filters ->Dramtic Version2 and a new Version of a current filter…
  • Video format is MOV (MPG4 AVC, H.264). Sound is PCM. They still have the AVI (motion JPG), still not sure if the E-M5 can record at 60p, let’s also cross our fingers on this one.
  • The two extra Fn buttons on the horizontal battery grip can be set for different functions other than the one on you have on the camera. The battery grip uses the same kind of battery of the E-M5. It’a new battery with 1220 mA! The grip can connect to an AC adapter.
  • The FL-600R flash is a GN50 flash with much faster recover than the current FL-36R or FL-50R. It also has an extra LED light for “recording mode”, it can also fire short flashes to help focusing in low light
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