Office Safety Tips For Startup Business Owners

Posted on May 18 2015 - 9:07pm by Editorial Staff


When it comes to dealing with health and safety, no business owner can afford to overlook the essentials. If you’ve launched a new firm this year, you will have a lot to think about when it comes to making sure your office is a hazard-free as possible for your team. We’ve compiled a list of tips that should help to point you in the right direction. However, it’s vital that you use your head and always remain on the lookout for any improvements that could be made. Our tips are simply there to highlight some of the issues you might have forgotten.

Dealing with fire risks

If you do nothing else to care for your staff, you must spend some time looking at possible fire risks in your office. Failure to do that could result in some pretty drastic consequences. You need to make sure that all cables used with your computers are kept a suitable distance apart. You also need to check that none of your workers are doing something that could lead to a fire. They must keep their drinks away from their workstations if you want to limit the chances of anything going wrong. They must also leave at least a two-foot gap surrounding any heat sources. More of that in a moment though.

Providing a non-slip floor surface

You might think that wooden flooring gives your office that extra little bit of style, but it could be very dangerous for your team. Not only will their chairs damage the surface from the moment it is laid, but they also run the risk of slipping over when any liquids are spilled on the floor. Although it might not look at cool, you should always opt for carpet because it is much safer.

Cover your heat sources

Presuming you have radiators or something similar in your office, it is vital that you purchase suitable safety covers. The Ampwire wire manufacturing team and many other specialists provide radiator and electric heater guards that might fit the bill. You just need to search online to find the most suitable business in your local area. Covering your heart sources should reduce the amount of burns your workers receive while walking around the office. We know you’re not dealing with children, but sometimes your staff might be consumed with their work. That could mean they are not concentrating properly, and they could injure themselves.

Implement a cleaning routine

In many circumstances, all you have to do to keep your team safe is implement an adequate cleaning routine. Your office should be in pristine condition at all times. If people spill liquids on the floor, they must wipe them up immediately. The last thing you want as a business owner is to deal with worker’s compensation claims. That is especially the case at such a crucial stage in the life of your company. You need lots of money for marketing and growth. That means you simply can’t afford to hand out thousands in compensation if something were to go wrong.

We sincerely hope those tips have helped you to understand that safety is a top priority in any new office. So, now is the best time to work out where your workers face the most risk, and what you can do to decrease the chances of them suffering an injury. So long as you use your head and employ some common sense, everything should be fine.


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