Off-Site SEO Efforts You Should Use

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On-site and off-site SEO are equally important. You can’t have a successful SEO campaign without one or the other. The main purpose of off-site SEO is to expand your reach. This is done by working together with other websites and using various online resources. There are a lot of off-site SEO efforts you can do, but in this article we are going to review some of the best ones to use.


Outreach is fairly simple. You get in touch with other websites and blogs who are in the same industry as your site (in other words, relevant sites) but are not competing with you directly. Ask them to link to your best resources and content.

Depending on the sites you get in touch with, you may be required to do something in return. Some sites are happy with link exchange; you link to one of their contents and in exchange they link to yours. This is usually possible with blogs or websites that are moderately popular or non-commercial.

You can also pay for link placement. Although this can cost a lot of money, sites that charge you to place a link are usually popular, have a lot of traffic and can greatly boost your SEO performance.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is very similar to outreach. You basically contact relevant, non-competing websites for a chance to place a link back to your site. Instead of just offering a link, however, you offer content for them to post on their websites.

Content marketing can be highly effective in building credibility, both for the brand and for you as an individual. Be sure to keep track of your guest posts though. Reply to comments and see how the articles generate traffic and valuable backlinks for your site.

The simpler version of content marketing is issuing press releases. There are sites that specialize in hosting press releases and distributing them to various media. You have to construct a professional, effective press release for this to work, but the results are well worth the efforts.


SEM and Pay per Click advertising are highly effective. If you have a relatively limited budget and you want to boost the impact of placing ads on external sites and search engines, you can also use the services of search engine optimization experts to your advantage. The SEO experts assisting you will be able to formulate the most suitable campaign, the sites to target and the kind of ads you need to place for maximum impact, all for a relatively small fee.

Advertising on social media is also a good way to promote your site. Twitter recently opened its advertising network to the public, which means you can now place promoted tweets without having to spend thousands of your budget. The same goes for Facebook ads. To keep the cost of advertising your site reasonable, be sure to take advantage of deals and special offers as well. There are coupons, discounts and even free advertising credits you can simply use to promote your site through various advertising networks.

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