Now You Can Download Blogger Blogs And Google+ Pages Through Takeout Data Portability Tool

Posted on Feb 15 2013 - 11:06am by Editorial Staff

Giving an extra big gift this year for all those users who are using Blogger blogs and Google+ pages, the search giant has added the ability to download Blogger blogs and Google+ pages to its Takeout data portability tool, allowing users to get a structured download of their data. This gives users a huge freedom to download all their blogs or pages at one single click at a time of export.


Here is what The Data Liberation Front’s Kári Ragnarsson said about it:

Meet us at, and together we will export each of your blogs as an Atom Xml file. Or, if you’ve enjoyed exporting data from your Google+ Stream and Google+ Circles through Takeout in the past, but are looking for something more, join us now and download html files with your posts and json files containing the circles for each Google+ Page you own. If you don’t want to rush into things, we can also just export a single blog or page of your choice. Either way, give us a try. Life will never be the same.

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