Norton: Cybercrimes Cost $110 Billion In Total Last Year, 1.5 Million People Impacted Every Day Across The World

Posted on Sep 5 2012 - 10:53am by Editorial Staff

According to Norton’s yearly Cybercrime report (pdf), Cybercrime costs $110 billion last year.  The report which was concluded after analyzing results from over 13,000 participants across 24 countries, aged 18-64. In US alone, an estimated 71 million people became cybercrime victims last year while around 1.5 million people are impacted every day across the world. Counting on global scale, each victim accounted for an average of $197 in financial loss.

Norton Internet Safety Advocate Marian Merritt said: “Cybercriminals are changing their tactics to target fast-growing mobile platforms and social networks where consumers are less aware of security risks. This mirrors what we saw in this year’s Symantec Internet Security Threat Report which reported nearly twice the mobile vulnerabilities in 2011 from the year before.”

“Personal email accounts often contain the keys to your online kingdom. Not only can criminals gain access to everything in your inbox, they can also reset your passwords for any other online site you may use by clicking the ‘forgot your password’ link, intercepting those emails and effectively locking you out of your own accounts,” says Adam Palmer, Norton Lead Cybersecurity Advisor.

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