Nokia Leads Smartphone Sales In Middle East

Posted on Apr 9 2012 - 8:58am by Editorial Staff

Gulf News reports that a study from Gartner, analyzing last year’s mobile phone sales in the Middle East, shows that Nokia made the most sales over any other smartphone manufacturer. According to Gartner, statistics for the Middle East and Africa show that Nokia’s marketshare was 58.5% in 2010, slipping down to 52.9% in 2011. Samsung comes in a distant second with 15.8% of the marketshare.

Tom Farrell, Vice-President of Nokia Middle East, said Middle East customers are very sophisticated about mobility and they love innovation and the latest gadgets. He said: “We plan to introduce and bring to markets new and more affordable products with more modern user experiences with Windows Phone in 2012.”

It’s not surprising to find that, as far as operating systems are concerned, Nokia’s ailing OS Symbian took a huge dive, slipping from 86.8% of the marketshare in 2010, down to just 39.3% last year. Nokia sold 95.83 million devices in smartphones and feature phones to lead the market, more than all of its competitors combined. Regionally, Samsung was ranked second in sales and Research in Motion coming in third.

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