Nintendo Reports Annual Loss Of $366 Million For 2012

Posted on Apr 24 2013 - 2:19pm by Editorial Staff


Nintendo today reported an operating loss for the year 2012 of 36.4 million yen (about $366 million), making the year as second consecutive year. Sadly, to note that the company missed out its own prediction of $220 million for the year as it reportedly fell short of its own Wii U gaming console unit’s sale.

The Wii U console global sales totalled 3.45 million units, which is a way short of the 4 million the company target. Nintendo specifically acknowledges the significance of this, saying “Owing to the fact that a Wii U hardware sale has a negative impact on Nintendo’s profits, the operating loss was 36.4 billion yen.”

The company along with results shared the news that Nintendo board is also shuffling with most notable in the Tatsumi Kimishima promotion from Nintendo American CEO and chairman to managing director of Nintendo’s parent company.

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