9 Tips For Having A Successful Interview That Could Mean A Great New Career

Posted on Feb 20 2015 - 7:02am by Jenny Richards


If you want to have a successful phone interview, it is necessary to avoid unnecessary interruption either through noise, dropped calls, miscommunication or any other disturbance.

Below are some tips that you should be aware of so as to have a great phone interview.

Have a summary list of issues you want to highlight as necessary for the job

Find out what the job entails by thoroughly going through the job description. Once you have done that, highlight how you are the best person for the job because of your verifiable skills, accomplishments and qualifications.

If it is necessary for you to have an MBA degree and you don’t have one or are in the process of getting one, mention that you want to get an MBA degree and have taken steps to do so.

Do a background check and history on the company

Know as much as you can about the company that you intend to work for. This will not only save you and your interviewer time, but it will also let the interviewer know that you mean business and are thorough.

Research on potential phone interview questions

Go online and do research on popular interview questions. This will give you get you prepared and give you confidence, which is an important tool to help you relax and thus better able to handle the interview.

Choose your communication device and have a backup

If you are going to have a Skype interview, ensure that your laptop is fully charged, and that you have a reliable back-up internet modem, in case your main one fails.

You should also have a landline or a fully charged mobile phone on standby just in case you need them.

Manage the interruptions

Interruptions could include other incoming calls, alarms, screaming pets and children and other household members. Sometimes you may not be able to get rid of them so just keep in mind that you will need to handle them immediately and effectively to avoid loss of focus.

Have a water bottle close

Depending on the length of your interview or on your level of nervousness, your mouth will get dry. This could distract you leading you to choke or cough. You want to have some water close by so that you can consistently re-hydrate and remain at peak performance.

Remain active during the interview

The idea here is to remain sharp and take notes when you have to, and pay close attention to what your interviewer says. It might be important to remember what the interviewer says later on.

When you respond to questions be clear, brief and to the point. Give a pause before you speak so that you ensure that the interviewer has finished talking and also so that you can think about what you want to say and say it the best way that you can.

Ask questions when you have to

Towards the end of the interview, clarify any issues that are not clear especially with regards to follow-up interviews or what to expect as the next step in the interview process.

The interviewer will most likely give you an indication of when the interview is about to end by asking you if you have any questions.

Follow up

After the phone interview, go through your notes and follow up on any tasks that you have to. Write a thank you email and be patient and positive as you wait for a response.

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