New Year Resolutions – By The Numbers (Infographic)

Posted on Jan 14 2014 - 10:12am by Alexandra Ashton

It is often said that a new year requires a new life. This change of mind operated at midnight is equal to the definition of resolutions, to the renewal of choices. Most people even consider necessary to cut with the less pleasant and less promising sides from the previous year. This leads us to the question: which are your resolutions for 2014?

No matter what you chose, it’s important to keep your resolutions realistic, since their achievement will require a lot of effort and commitment. Otherwise, they are not doomed to fail and you don’t want to be part of the 24 percent of people who never had success when trying to achieve their New Year’s resolutions. This number can be found in today’s infographic, a brilliant analysis of the percentages that can explain how these life-changing decisions work for most people.

The main changes introduced during the New Year usually involve four major areas: personal development and improvement, weight, money and relationships. However, contrary to what one might think, not everyone is careful enough to choose common sense and opt for achievable resolutions. In this case, the most likely outcome will be deception…

Stephen M. Shapiro, consultant and author of bestsellers about innovation and business in the United States, says that “given that most people fail, resolutions are a recipe for disappointment. In fact, our studies show that the less happy you are, the more likely you are to set New Year’s resolutions”. Shapiro’s research concluded that “there are no correlations between happiness and fulfilled prescribed or resolutions”. But some people still need to believe in them and there are actually some great examples of fulfilled resolutions.

These are the cases that should inspire you if you have set goals for 2014. Set small changes and adopt new habits in your daily life from now on and you will see how easy it is to transform your life.


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