New World, New Cars – New Trends In A Changing Car Industry

Posted on Jan 28 2017 - 7:13pm by Editorial Staff

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With the rapid development of technology, the world is changing – fast. Looking back at the past decade, there is hardly any area of life that technology hasn’t influenced.

Thanks to new inventions and the use of technology, our habits have changed and we live differently to the way we were used to only a few years ago.

The automotive industry is no exception. Not only have the cars we drive changed, the way we use them, look for them and buy them is changing as well.

Here are a few new trends we can see in the changing car industry today.

The Way We Buy Cars

In the past, the car buying and selling process happened almost exclusively in the dealership with an eager car salesman. You took your time to look at the car, take it for a test drive and then probably spent hours discussing and negotiating on different options.

Today the process has moved almost completely online. Our buying behaviour is changing and we like to do our research on the web, whilst enjoying the peace and comfort of our own home.

We Use Car-Sharing Apps

The number of different car-sharing apps available today is incredible – they are popular, practical and importantly for most – cheap. These car-sharing options are not only used by those without a car, but for car owners who choose to order a lift via an app rather than drive themselves.

We’ve seen cars be valued as a service, rather than a commodity. Car users today value convenience and price, more than the prestige of owning a car.

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We Are Better Informed

The digital content found online today is almost overwhelming – videos, reviews, opinion pieces, safety tests and much more is a click away.

We can find information or watch videos not only about car features, but we are able to access information about price trends of specific car models. The amount of detailed and comprehensive data available helps make more informed decisions and better choices.

We are less likely to just take a salesman’s word for granted or follow a friend’s recommendation, without researching online first.

We Care About the Environment

While in the past, we wanted bigger and faster cars, eco-friendly vehicles have emerged. We buy cars more consciously, not only looking at the acceleration or size, but what impact our car will have on the environment.

Eco-friendly vehicles can also decrease fuel consumption, which may lead to cost savings in some auto markets. There are both hybrid and completely electric car options available. With fuel prices increasing, eco-friendly vehicles are becoming more popular than ever. Some predict that we can expect a wave of new electric cars in the near future.

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