Netflix Expanding Kids Content With Hasbro

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Netflix has been doing well to gain attention of different audience segments, and now the online streaming service company is gearing its focus towards kids. The latest news is Netflix is adding more content for kids as a part of its extended deal with Hasbro, the company that specializes in making toys. The deal was originally signed last year.

The agreement between the duo will grants exclusive rights to Netflix for streaming shows ‘Littlest Pet Shop’ and ‘Kaijudo, Rise of the Dual Masters’. The subscribers of the service currently have access to ‘Kaijudo’, while those who are looking to stream ‘Littlest Pet Shop’ will have to wait till the summers.

This gives Netflix exclusive streaming rights to five Hasbro Shows in U.S. There’s also a joint venture going on between The Hub Network and Hasbro Studios. The upcoming seasons of the new Hasbro shows will first air on The Hub Network, and after the premier has taken place, they’ll make their way to Netflix.

U.S isn’t the only country Netflix in which Netflix has landed exclusive rights to stream Hasbro shows as the audiences in Canada are also part of this agreement and Netflix will also be streaming to them exclusively.

The shows feature; My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Pound Puppies, The Adventures of Chuck & Friends and Transformers Prime. More shows will be streamed in Canada as the year goes ahead.

Netflix had 33 million subscribers across 40 different countries at the end of 2012, out of which  27.2 million were from U.S. Above 2 billion hours of content that was for kids was accessed in the same year.

With Neflix expanding streaming outside U.S, a lot of PHP developers who are currently or have worked with companies like Zend Certified and others of a similar nature will be easily able to interact with the API of the streaming service.

Apart from bringing something kids are going to love, Netflix hasn’t forgotten their main audience; the adults. The company is bringing the fourth, the new, season of Arrested Development. The scheduled release date is 26th May.

The new season is going to include 15 episodes, and all of them are going to be released together at the same time. The time given on the announced date is 12.01 a.m. Pacific Time. The good news is that the episodes can be accessed in every territory where the streaming service is available by subscribers.

The creator of the Arrested Development series Mr. Hurwitz believes that the show’s return has the potential to make history all over again. He also mentioned his wish for the show coming true, which was that it gets shown on television, mobile, computer and all other devices that exist.

The series stars Jason Bateman, who is accompanied by Jessica Walter, Michael Cera, Tony Hale, Jeffery tambor, Alia Shawkat, Portia de Rossi, David Cross and Will Arnett. All of them are members of a very complicated family.

The first season of the show managed to grab the Emmys, but the overall ratings of the show haven’t been a smash hit. Nevertheless, fans of the series have high hopes from the upcoming season.

Netflix also updated its Windows 8 app recently, adding full-screen playback compatibility to 720p videos. Netflix is expected to continue to adding shows and improve the user experience as it grows in popularity.

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