Net Applications: Windows 8 Stands Up To 2.79 Percent Market Share Now

Posted on Mar 1 2013 - 11:30am by Editorial Staff
Microsoft Windows 8

According to the latest data from Net Applications, Windows 8 now stands up to 2.79 percent market share i.e. 0.43 percentage points (from 2.36 percent to 2.79 percent) while Windows 7 get a retouch with 0.07 percentage points (from 44.48 percent to 44.55 percent). Although it might bit grasping that Windows 8 isn’t growing the way as it have to be.

Moving to the Windows Vista, the operating system saw a dipped of 0.07 percentage points (from 5.24 percent to 5.17 percent) while Windows XP looses a 0.52 percentage points (from 39.51 percent to 38.99 percent). Counting on the two months i.e. January and February, Windows lost a total of 0.09 percentage points (from 91.71 percent to 91.62 percent).

The data being captured from total of 160 million unique visitors each month, monitoring some 40,000 Web sites for its clients.

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