Mozilla’s Thunderbird 11 Update Available Now

Posted on Mar 19 2012 - 6:34am by Editorial Staff

Thunderbird, Mozilla’s popular email client going on the same run as that of Firefox, the email client is being a part of a new rapid update cycle and is now available six months after the release of its last version, Thunderbird 7 – the changes are seems to be similar in nature as that of Firefox back in 2010. The application user interface in Thunderbird 11 was sighted in such a way in order to move the tabs to the top of the window. However, Thunderbird doesn’t provide an option that allows users to move the tabs back below the navigation bar.

According to Mozilla software developer, Mike Conley:

The rationale behind tabs-on-top in Thunderbird is somewhat different from Firefox’s.  In Thunderbird, a tab can be many other things than just another Inbox tab.

This is not unique to Lightning.  When viewing a content tab in Thunderbird, the mail toolbar above the content really makes very little sense – just like having the browser navigation bar in the Downloads Manager would make very little sense.

This is also quite restrictive.  Thunderbird’s UI trajectory is tending towards more tab types (Search, Instant Messaging, eventually Compose in a tab, eventually Address Book in a tab).  Having the toolbar exist *within* the tabs allows us a separation between these functions – and allows for a greater degree of customization *within* those tabs.

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