Moving To The UK? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Posted on Apr 8 2016 - 7:03pm by Editorial Staff

There’s no denying that the United Kingdom is one of the most appealing places to live in the world. Each year, almost two-thirds of a million people move to the UK and make it their home. The country is a leading economic superpower and a prominent nation in politics.

The weather might not appeal to some people given the temperate oceanic climate. But, economic success and opportunity more than make up for the odd spell of rain here and there! Are you thinking of migrating to the United Kingdom? If so, there are a few things you need to know first.

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In today’s handy guide, I will share with you some information on what it’s like to live in the UK and how to migrate.


When you move to the UK, one thing you will need to do as a priority is get settled in a new home. If you have the money, you could buy a property. But, it’s usually quicker and easier to rent a house or flat (apartment).

The prices you pay will depend on what part of the United Kingdom you wish to live. For example, the highest property rental prices will be in central London. But, if you live in another major city such as Birmingham or Manchester, prices will be lower. And if you’d rather live in a country setting, your rental costs will be even cheaper.

As with most rentals around the world, you will need a deposit plus proof of ID and income before you rent. Some private landlords may only need to see your identification.

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Of course, you will only have a limited amount of funds when you enter the UK. That’s why it is important to seek employment as soon as possible. If you’ve got a valuable vocation, such as being a plumber or electrician, you’ll find it easy to get a job.

Some companies may offer sponsored work placements. If you arrange a job before you enter the UK, you could apply for a work visa. Afterwards, you can apply for an “indefinite leave to remain”. In other words, you can become a British citizen. It’s worth checking online for the indefinite leave to remain requirements. That way, you can determine what applies to you.

Health Care

Britain has one of the most advanced and well-supported health care systems in the world. Eligible residents of the UK have an entitlement to free NHS (National Health Service) care. It’s also possible to take out private health care insurance policies.

Most treatments on the NHS are free. Some have subsidies, such as dental work and medical prescriptions. In those cases, you have to pay a small fee towards the cost. The NHS also provides free GP care so you can see a doctor in any part of the UK.

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The UK has an advanced and comprehensive public transport network. It doesn’t matter if you live in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. Most areas will have an excellent provision for buses, trains, trams and other transport.

In London, there is also the “Underground” – a subway train network. A similar system is also available in Glasgow (Scotland). In addition to public transport, one can also use taxi services. Some are available in the familiar “black cab” style. Others are private hire services (minicabs). The UK also has online taxi services such as Uber.

Driving in the UK is also another possibility. Unlike most countries, cars drive on the left in Britain and Ireland. If you come from an EU country, you can upgrade your driving licence to a UK one. Otherwise, you’ll need to pass a theory and practical test first.


Britain has an eclectic mix of people from all kinds of backgrounds. London, especially, is a melting pot of culture. If you want to live in a country with a diverse culture, the UK is for you!

When it comes to socialising, there is plenty to see and do. If you’re a fan of beer, there are thousands of pubs you can visit. Some are more traditional while others cater to younger generations. Many pubs also serve hot food and are family-friendly.

The UK also has an array of leisure and sport facilities. So, if you’re into football (soccer), tennis or bowling, there’s something for everyone.

Moving household contents to the UK

It’s likely you will want to ship your furniture, clothing and your prized possessions. Depending on your country of origin, the cheapest option is by sea. You shouldn’t usually need to pay any taxes on your possessions but it’s worth checking first.

I hope this guide will help you with your move to the UK. Thanks for reading it!

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