Mobile Website, A Must!

Posted on Feb 15 2013 - 11:45am by Editorial Staff
Mobile Website

If you want your business to stay in the market then you need to move according to the changing trends.  Making your presence known is one of the primary requirements of any business to do well. Before the internet and the World Wide Web, advertisements were limited to print media, radio and television. Once the world moved to the internet there was a major shift and companies soon launched themselves on the web.

Virtually every company had their website hosted as it was more economic and global in reach. Now, with the introduction of smart phones, internet connectivity has reached beyond the desktop. More than half of the regular phones have been replaced by smart phones and it is expected that smart phones will completely rule the market in the years to come.

The major problem is that although smart phones are doing very well, the connectivity offered by the cellular networks combined with lower end processing capabilities as compared to a laptop, browsing on a mobile can get very tedious.  Websites are heavily decorated with flash images, high graphic backgrounds, banners, gifs, images and Ad’s. These are heavy on the cellular networks and take a lot of time to load; they involve a lot of data download which may not go down well with a user. So for a user, who is just looking for a reservation to your hotel via his smartphone, is not likely to wait for 5 minutes for the page to load. So if you do have a successful product online, it’s high time you think of making a mobile website!

Important things to mobile friendly website:

  • Company name, contact details working hours and anything essential for your business.
  • No Flash and GIF images, Audio/video tracks running on the home screen.
  • Introduction in plain text.
  • Button for one touch call.
  • Link to Map’s application to find the place.

Having an elaborate website is essential for representing your company in the market, but it is also essential to make necessary information accessible to mobile web users as smart phones and mobile web access is the new trend.

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