Mobile Gaming Continuing To Rise: Can It Overtake Consoles?

Posted on Jul 20 2014 - 11:31am by Editorial Staff

Mobile Gaming

It’s been a meteoric rise for mobile gaming the last few years. You can’t sit on a bus or train without hearing the jingle to Angry Birds, whilst there are over a quarter of a million games sitting in the Apple App Store alone waiting to be played.

Which is a lot more than what sits on your shelf at home waiting to be slid into your PS4. But is it possible that mobile gaming could be overtaking console gaming?

It could be argued yes. Five years ago you would never believe that smartphones or tablets would be challenging the likes of the PS4 or Xbox One, but they are – and considerably so.

In terms of frequency of playing that’s for sure. There are fundamental differences between the two platforms, a difference that suggests that neither will eventually dominate, despite how hard they try.

The ability to play on the go is something the PlayStation can’t compete with, whilst the iPhone is never going to compete on the home entertainment front.

And developers know that, which is why mobile gaming is continuing to rise – it knows its audience. For those commuters and pocket gamers, they don’t need complex levels and a simple Angry Birds, puzzle game, or poker games such as those on the best mobile casino by Euro Palace Casino is perfect for that five minute journey.

The likes of Angry Birds and Flappy Bird prove that. Flappy Bird was earning $50,000 per day during its peak, with over 50 million downloading it in a very short space of time.

Whilst comparisons can be drawn to the console world. Grand Theft Auto has been equally successful with GTA V breaking all sales records when it was released generating over $800 million in just 24 hours of release.

So rather than one overtaking the other, it seems that they actually go hand in hand, and in fact it’s gaming as an entire industry that is in fact surging.

Sony have realised this, and are working with both their PS platforms and mobile devices to sync the two into an elite gaming platform. PlayStation Now was announced at CES 2014 and will allow video game streaming across all its platforms, enabling you to pick up a game from another device and continue.

There are plenty of people saying mobile is overtaking console gaming, it’s simply not the case. But take a step back – as Sony have done – and the realisation that they could both live, and even share together, well, that’s pretty exciting.

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