Mistakes To Avoid During Your First Online Interview

Posted on Feb 17 2014 - 10:03am by Sonia Jackson

Job Interview

Never mind avoiding them for your first interview, avoid these mistakes for all of them. They are such obvious mistakes that employers catch every time. So be wary of them and do not make these mistakes under any circumstances.

Stop staring into the camera you weirdo

Yes, you are talking to a chunk of plastic with a lens, but that is not the way you are supposed to behave. Position the camera so it is just above the screen and talk to the people on the screen as if they were in the same room as you. Look away from time to time naturally, and do not fix your stare into the camera.

Check your equipment before the interview

Have someone else call you an hour before just so you can check to see if you can see them and they can see you. There is no going back if you mess up this simple task and you have technical problems. It exposes you as a complete idiot from the start.

Your background is very important

The setting of your interview is very important. They are going to try and get a judge of who you are by the background of your video. You can give them a blank wall which is playing it safe, or you can make your background look very clean and posh. You can come up with a background that better suits the job you are looking to get.

You are supposed to dress for your interview

It is an interview, so you should dress for the part. There is no point in looking a scruff bag because you will simply not get the job. And, do not make the mistake of wearing scruffy trousers because they will see them somehow. Wear what you would have worn to the interview in order to make the right impression.

Practice smiling and look attentive

You should practice smiling just in case you are of a nervous disposition, and you do need to look attentive. Looking too relaxed (even in your own home) will give the wrong impression. You need to come across as happy to be having the interview and enthusiastic about getting in there and starting your job. The fact that some people go through an entire interview without smiling is a little crazy. After all, you have the interview to the job you really want. You are almost employed, so what is not to be happy about. Plus, if the employer makes a joke then the least you can do is crack a smile.

Make sure your surroundings are not going to be noisy

It will reflect badly on you if there are people arguing in the background or there are police sirens going past your house. Make sure no phones will ring, no babies will cry and no dogs will bark. An ambient noise is a bad thing; this is especially true if the noise is some sort of music or the TV.

Audio quality is very important

This is because if the audio quality is bad then it makes it difficult to listen to you. You could be great on the interview, but if your audio sounds horrible at their end then they will not want to continue the interview.

When you test your technical stuff with a friend you should test for audio problems too. You should also make sure your hardware is not wet or cheap so that the audio comes out okay.

Make sure you won’t be interrupted

This means telling people you know and people in your house not to wander in or shout you. Make sure you will not be interrupted because even if the reason is solid gold it is still going to look bad on you during the interview.

Be like you are talking to your friend and do not sit still

Sitting still and staring into the camera are common mistakes. Pretend as if the people on the screen are right there in the room with you, and pretend that you are talking to one of your friends. Do not fidget or sit perfectly still. Move around as if you were having a conversation with someone you were comfortable with.

Question the interviewer

Just having them question you shows a lack of interest. Throw in at least a few questions. It makes it appear as if you are judging them and makes you appear a little harder to get. It also shows that you are interested in the job and that you are not just having an interview because the benefit people say you have to.

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