Microsoft Working On A Translation Program, Will Allow You To Speak Foreign Languages With Your Voice

Posted on Mar 12 2012 - 6:40am by Editorial Staff

Most of us always make love for different languages but what will happen at an extend we end up with learning only one or two additional languages in our lifetime, but what if there would be some technique, some technology or something else that would allow us to speak – If you do not know that it is possible than here we are with something for you, Microsoft Research is developing a new tool that lets you speak in a different languages without actually having to learn how.

The text-to-speech tool works much similar in the way like inputting the text in one language and will output it as speech in another language. Microsoft says that an hour of training is required prior to use the tool and it will enable you to translate your text into speech in different language. So far, the tool supports 26 different languages.

The languages it supports include English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and 23 more. The Microsoft’s research lab team in Beijing, China is also working on adding speech recognition capabilities which could make the tech ideal for unilingual travellers. So what you are waiting for give it a try as soon as the project gets opened up for the public.

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