Microsoft With Windows Server 8 Plans For Online Backup Service

Posted on Mar 30 2012 - 7:24am by Editorial Staff

Thinking of using Windows Server 8 to fulfil your hosting requirements? Well, have a push, get ready to use Azure, if you intended to. Microsoft Online Backup Service is a new feature in Windows Server 8 that aims to provide a low cost choice to deliver business backup benefits to Windows Server customers.  With no upfront infrastructure costs (other than an adequate internet connection), customers can now get ‘peace of mind’ that their business is protected against disasters.

Microsoft calls the product the ‘Microsoft Online Backup Service.’ That’s about as functional a name as you can imagine. The tool will backup data by employing ‘block level incremental backups,’ which will only send information to the cloud that has changed. Microsoft claims that this will reduce “storage and bandwidth utilization.” Data will be compressed and encrypted, as well as tested for ‘integrity’ once it reaches the cloud. If you are running Windows Server 8, you can snag an account, with 10 gigabytes of storage, here.

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