Microsoft: We’re Going To Say More About Windows Phone 7.8 In Coming Weeks

Posted on Nov 19 2012 - 5:03am by Editorial Staff

Microsoft new logo 300x110 Windows Phone 8 Will Debut On October 29th

No doubt how much Microsoft trying so hard to put up (everything) in actual in order to make the stand of its Windows Phone 8 as well as Windows Phone 7.5. As reported in TechRadar, the company has been found praising as well as bringing light (not insight) that the new phone operating system will refresh for older Windows Phone hardware.

“We work in different ways with each of them on the engineering and on the marketing,” corporate vice president of the Windows Phone Division Terry Myerson told TechRadar. “Nokia is exclusive to Windows Phone and we definitely, on the engineering side, prioritise platform work to support their differentiation coming through.”

“The Wallet feature is a place where the Windows Phone team thought about how to use NFC. Roaming content though SkyDrive, encryption; these are all features coming from Microsoft. But the wide angle camera that HTC did with Skype in mind, Nokia’s wireless charging – those are innovations coming from our hardware partners.”

“I would expect both platforms to exist for quite some time, from a global point of view. Windows Phone 7.8 devices will span much lower price points than windows phone 8 devices, initially, and given the application compatibility across the platforms, it makes the ecosystem stronger to have more device and more price points. We value every 7 and 7.8 customer we have; we’ll continue to work for them as well but it is true that Windows Phone 8 is our future platform.”

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