Microsoft To Shut Down MSN TV On September 30, 2013

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 11:29am by Editorial Staff

Microsoft has announced that it will be shutting down its $425 million purchased MSN TV, which it bought, backs in 1997. The company has said that it will cease operations in September of 2013. Sharing over reason on why the company is ending the service, Microsoft says WebTV started in 1996 with an aim to bring people “online” and to give an easy, hassle-free means of accessing the internet that are already online. Then, MSN TV 2 was released with better power and features. If to mention clearly, the company has not given any proper reason on why it is ending the service. The company added that it is advisable to save all your data before the service will die on September 30th, 2013. To read complete FAQ’s shared by Microsoft, click here.


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