Microsoft To Retire Windows Messenger On March 15th, Ask Users To Move To Skype

Posted on Jan 9 2013 - 10:49am by Editorial Staff


With report confirming that Microsoft shuttering Windows Live Messenger service on March 15th by intimating its 100 million+ Messenger users to let them know about the service soon to be retired except for mainland China. The company has asked the users to move to Skype for instant messages and video chats, which Microsoft acquired back in May 2011 for $8.5 billion.

The email also features this brief FAQ:

So, what’s happening between now and 15th March?

Messenger will continue to work as you know it today. If you are signed in with Messenger on your desktop** you will see a banner notification to upgrade. When you click on the banner, an installer window will open with the request to upgrade. This will take you through our installer flow to install Skype and automatically uninstall Messenger.

So, what’s happening after 15th March?

Messenger users on desktops** will not be able to sign in and will only be able to upgrade to Skype. If you attempt to sign in, a notification will appear, and if you continue, you will be taken through our installer flow to install Skype and automatically uninstall Messenger at the same time.

Can I update to Skype on my mobile?

Yes! Skype is available on iPhone, Android and soon on Windows Phone 8. We encourage you to download the latest Skype app on your mobile and then uninstall Messenger. You will be able to sign in to Skype on your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8 mobile apps with your Microsoft Account over the next few weeks. If you use another phone with Messenger on it, it will continue to work for a while.

* To get group video chat, you’ll need a Skype Premium subscription.

** Newer versions of Messenger will be able to receive the optional upgrade notifications. Older versions will not receive the notifications and you will have to download Skype manually.

We will keep you informed as further things update on the news.

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