Microsoft Shows NFC Capabilities At NFC World Congress

Posted on Sep 25 2012 - 4:41am by Editorial Staff

In a Keynote at the NFC World Congress, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 group program manager, John Skovron shared and explained the capabilities of NFC-enabled wallet that could certainly help tech giant gain mobile phone market share.

“While I’m not the biggest phone operating system, we are the biggest computer operating system,” the group product manager, Skovron for Windows Phone 8 told attendees. “It’s not just a phone with 2% market share. It’s Windows.”

Skovron then showed up number of WP8 featured NFC capabilities during his keynote, including peer-to-peer sharing, with asking, “Is there a huge amount of money in this?”, he asked, regarding Microsoft’s adoption of NFC. “Probably not. But think about it in terms of getting consumers and developers interested.”

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