Microsoft Research Team Testing A Windows Phone System That Pre-loads Apps Based On Contextual Data

Posted on Apr 17 2012 - 5:06am by Editorial Staff

If you think your mobile apps taking long time to boots up, imagine if your Windows Phone could predict what app you are about to use and it start at the same time you are going to use – this is what a team at Microsoft Research’s Mobile Computing Research Center is working on and even have a small demo build up to show up.  To be presented at the MobiSys 2012 conference in June, the research dubbed “FALCON” is part of a broader Microsoft Research project called “Context Data OS (ConDOS)” which aims to enhance mobile operating systems by integrating and responding to context.

One of the researchers, Tingxin Yan, describe it as: A context-aware mobile app preloading component for mobile OS. Based on intensive data analysis of app usage across multiple mobile users, FALCON presents a decision engine which exploits temporal and spacial characters of user behaviour to pre-load apps ahead of time, thereby improves the responsiveness of smartphones.

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