Microsoft-Nokia Advanced Talks Over Acquisition Of Nokia’s Hardware Division Broke Down

Posted on Jun 20 2013 - 2:34am by Editorial Staff


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft nearly purchased Nokia’s mobile phone business. According to the report, the tech giant has come near to a verbal agreement to buy Nokia’s hardware division earlier this year but talks come to halt. The publication source revealed that the duo met in London earlier this month to discuss over the deal, but reportedly not able to come yet to any final results. There are no words on proposed acquisition amount revealed but reportedly that Microsoft will use the cash held outside of the US. It’s likely that since the news come out; probably something will be on the chart.

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  • Prasad Palacharla

    WP8 is already leading mobile phone market share in Finland and it will
    soon lead in rest of the world and US market. Sisu (unbreakable). Go
    Nokia. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare

    • karenn1617

      Market Share, The Way WP8 Making It’s Place – Everything Is Going Fine – But Problem The Company Is Facing Is With TIME – With Current accesses – NOKIA requires TIME – but in REAL – it is lacking it out – every second. Surely, They can WIN this RACE – the tortoise way – but still if this tortoise have to WIN – it have to quicken up – as Market building HUGE PRESSURE over on it And that too by second-by-second.