Microsoft Flight All Set To Fly, Launch On February 29

Posted on Feb 7 2012 - 5:18am by Editorial Staff

According to the Microsoft Update, the free-to-play Microsoft Flight will finally spreading its wing will be launching on February 29. Microsoft Flight, a PC game that lets player jumps off the ground into the challenges and freedom of fight will be available on free basis during this spring. The game allows the players view the world from above the beautiful Hawaii big islands. Many people dream of flying, but only few can make it to the experience of fun of exploring the world. Microsoft Flight provides the opportunity to explore the players’ curiosity and interest.

The initial download is free of cost, but those interested in getting a complete feel have to pay the price for additional content. On the day of launch a Hawaiian Adventure Pack will be released through Games For Windows LIVE for 1,600 Microsoft Points (or $20) – the expansion will add an additional plane and 20 missions to the core package and there is also two separate additional places will also be available as separate purchases. The Maule M-7-260C (which includes a fully detailed cockpit) and North American P-51 Mustang will be available at launch for 1,200 points ($15) and 640 points ($8) respectively.

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